Caladium Lindenii + Ceramic pot


Formerly known as Xanthosoma lindenii. Large elongated heart-shaped green leaves with pronounced contrasting creamy-white veins.

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Caladium lindenii is a herbaceous perennial, attractive ornamental plant and can grow into a dense clump to about 2-3 feet tall and as wide. It has large and showy thin-leathery leaves that are arrowhead-shaped and the leaves are yellowish to dark-green, beautiful, and broadly veined with a cream to white color, and pale line only within the edge. The leaves shoot from a rhizome and can go dormant and lose all of its leaves. This plant should be held warm as any exposure to the cold is probably going to be the end of this plant.

Water your plant regularly during the growing season and always keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy. You can allow the top 1 inch of soil to dry out between each watering. During the winter months, reduce watering.

Pests and Diseases:
There is no serious pest or disease problems. Aphids and spider mites can be possible problems.

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S (130mm), M (170mm), L (200mm)


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